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"I cannot recommend Jamie & Lisa enough. Having the guidance to write down my manifesto has been nothing short of life changing. 3 months in and I have already accomplished several things on it including a huge career transition I have been longing for. Jamie and Lisa's guidance is wonderful. I am learning new ways of thinking and have opened myself to receiving things I perceived I wasn't worthy of. Ladies, take the chance on yourself and invest in this. You will NOT be disappointed!"

Stephanie Brady
Territory Sales Manager

"I worked with Jamie for 4 months and manifested the heck out of my dreams. I found my dream condo with a location that is more perfect every day, an awesome clinical gig where I am making bonuses weekly, and my perfect dog. She is gifted in her unique ability to connect with me in my highest and lowest emotions and gently brings me to a grounded state. Can't wait to keep working with her and create more of my dream life!"

Amber Auger
Speaker, Author, Innovator

"I'm currently in the Dream Accelerator Bootcamp and WOW has it been transformational. This program takes you step by step through different areas of your life and equips you with the skills you need to create and execute your ideal life through manifesto writing. The program coupled with 1:1 coaching has been the main piece of my "getting your life together puzzle." I'm grateful for Jamie and Lisa and the work they are doing to coach women into the greatest version of themselves. Jump on this while space is still available. I'm sure glad I did!"

Tanielle Price
RDH turned Real Estate Investor

"Jamie & Lisa’s approach to coaching has given me an entirely new outlook on life! I knew instantly after a call with Jamie this was exactly what i needed. I have found so much clarity through the courses and have started an amazing manifestation journey that is awakening parts of me I didn’t know existed. I’ve realized anything is possible and how much fun using the STAMP method is to achieve your dream life! Not to mention the community of amazing women I have met through all of this."

Kim Dubbs
Registered Dental Hygienist

"I would recommend Jamie and Lisa to anyone. This has been a great start to a journey of self reflection and much needed clarity. I called Jamie originally to discuss help with starting up my business. We covered the business and so much more. Thank you Jamie for your time, tools, and help. I look forward to all our calls you truly have a gift."

Danielle Wonders

"I felt stuck in a job that I did not like, stuck in my personal life not knowing how to move forward, and stuck in my current living situation. I never asked for help, but I felt so lost and knew if I wanted things to change in my life I would have to do something that I have never done before. I decided to hire a coach, 2 coaches actually - Jamie and Lisa. Working with the Sister Coaches changed my life. I have had so many breakthroughs in just a few weeks. I no longer feel stuck, instead I gained clarity and confidence. I have learned to trust myself, to believe in myself, and I gave myself permission to follow my dreams. This has been the best decision I made in a long time."

Budding Entrepreneur

"This is my 3rd Manifesto. Everything on my previous manifestos have come true! Accountability in the Dream Accelerator Bootcamp helps. Here's to the rest of 2021!"

Kendra McKune
Compliance Director

"This was a wonderful experience that brought me to my ‘human side’. I learned key tools for meditation, connecting with my higher self, as well as my inner child. The result aided me in enjoying the process of life as well as the seasons you encounter, paying attention to my intuition with less ‘thinking’ to more intuitive action. My favorite guided visualization Jamie did with me was ‘The Wall’ which exposed the blockage to what I truly desired. I am 90 days post where we started feeling greater direction, fulfillment and love. And I’m HAPPY. "

Kari Herlein
Senior Development Manager

"I started working with Jamie Dooley as a coach a little over three years ago. Jamie’s coaching and learning how to write a manifesto using her STAMP method, have helped me find clarity, achieve a positive mindset, and achieve goals both personally and in my business. I’m continuing to work with Jamie and Lisa in the Dream Accelerator Boot Camp, because their methods work and the group support is essential!"

Susan Cotten
Healthcare Consultant

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