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Our head coaches are master healers, spiritual leaders, and sisters.

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My own health journey started about 15 years ago after wandering lost in the dark for about 3 years after giving birth to my son.
I had left his father, was laid off from my corporate job, postpartum had turned into post-post-pardum and I wondered if I would ever again see the light of day. I was living in my sister Jamie's basement (how metaphoric of me) and not sure what I was going to do next.
I was stuck.
For a while.
One morning at 6:30 am, Jamie walked into my room, turned on the light, handed me a pair of shoes and said, “Get your shoes on, we’re going for a walk.” Little did I know that day how much the words “Get your shoes on” was going to change my life and the lives of nearly all the clients I work with today.
Fast forward a few months later and I had packed up my car and moved to a little river town in Minnesota, close to where my son’s father was living. I was 26 with no family near me, a wooden rocking chair, a bed and some clothes and toys.
I rented an old house with horrendous wallpaper and a crooked turquoise kitchen floor and went to work scraping, painting and taking daily trips to Goodwill, (which was conveniently attached to my son’s new preschool) to look for furniture and decor.
We took frequent walks “down the stairs” to the shops and the ice cream parlors and back “up the stairs” again. I got a job working in a trendy wine bar.
Things were getting better.
In fact, working around all the new fresh ingredients started to spur a desire in me to start buying and cooking with these ingredients at home. I was learning how to cook (like really cook) and how to decipher wine from different regions and varietals and how to pair it with food for a taste sensation like nothing I had ever dreamed possible coming from my humble Upper Michigan roots.
I started feeling better and finding myself stumbling into the offices of homeopathic doctors, metaphysical shops and meeting the most wonderful community of energy workers in my community. (Little did I know that I would soon become one of them).
As I worked to slowly and powerfully come back to health, I started to dream of ways I could help other people do the same. I found The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a health coaching school in New York and started studying to become a Holistic Nutrition Coach in 2010.
My classes were delivered on a little red iPod and I learned from a lawn chair while my son played in the backyard.
Within a year, I was setting up a wellness clinic with my former partner and coaching people in nutrition, lifestyle, habits and even teaching classes about Chinese Medicine (what?).
I gave health food store tours, taught in-home cooking classes and helped people de-clutter and organize their kitchens.
I continued to work in restaurants, observing people’s eating behaviors, making great gluten free recommendations and frequently handed out business cards.
I joined a group of Holistic Practitioners where I continued to learn about the energy systems of the body and devoured countless classes, books and bartered sessions learning about different modalities of healing to fill all of my spare time.
You might say I was hooked on understanding the more subtle energetic and emotional systems of the body.
I started to talk to my nutrition clients about this and found myself somewhat spontaneously knowing what to do to help them transform stuck energy and emotions by guiding them through powerful meditations and visualizations.
As much as I loved food and nutrition, there was something deeper calling me.
Five years later, after painfully dissolving that partnership, I sold my portion of the clinic and focused on parenting, while continuing to pursue deeper and more complex coaching and healing skills. I experienced some cutting edge healing modalities that helped me actually move old trauma out of my body and also to call back and integrate the parts of myself that I had left scattered all over my past. (As a child, I had learned to dissociate and leave my body when things got hard. While this was a good survival mechanism that blocked out a lot of pain, it also blocked me from receiving pleasure and joy).
I was finally starting to feel whole again. I was finally seeing the light come back into my eyes.
Looking back, I had taken a 15 year ride in search of an answer to the question “what’s wrong with me?” In that discovery, I learned a tremendous amount of wisdom, experience and knowledge that I know share with people every day.
Because of the slow, methodical process it took me to find answers to my own healing, I became an incredibly patient and compassionate coach and healer for others.
My clients thank me in tears often that they can’t imagine anybody else having the patience and depth to help them find their way out of the mess they believe is their life. I have helped solve extremely complex health issues, quieted and healed long standing body pain, helped people process and move trauma out of their body, dissolved self-sabotaging patterns like emotional eating and massive procrastination and most importantly helped people discover their own passions that had previously been masked by depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, hyper-sensitivity, OCD and many other obsessive means that people use to avoid feeling the discomfort of wondering “what’s wrong with me?”
Because of all the resistance and slow nature of my own unfolding, I am able to walk with and be with people who have tried everything and still feel lost in the dark.
I don’t push, I don’t hustle, I don’t judge. In fact, with many clients I have literally started with “just get your shoes on...you don’t even have to go outside...just put your shoes on and let that be enough today.” If this is you, I know how you feel. I’ve been there too. What I can tell you is that the little daily actions coupled with a caring and compassionate accountability coach is exactly what will give you the momentum that you haven’t been able to find on your own. I don’t know where I would be without my sister handing me my shoes and all the incredible healers and mentors I discovered in this little river town.
Your journey is your journey. I’m not here to tell you where to go, but when you feel lost and in the dark, please give me a call. I can be there with you. I’m happy to say that now I am helping people in ways I never could have dreamed of.

In 2020 Jamie started this platform, The Expansion Group for Women, and asked me to come on as her second head coach.

I still have my own business, but we found a certain type of alchemy working together to help women heal faster, grow farther, and live in their purpose more deeply in our 2:1 program Lifting the Veil.

We help you change family patterns so that you can actually choose the kind of woman you want to be instead of defaulting to “your lineage.” We are healing complex physical, emotional and mental patterns that have run deep roots in the body and brain and installing new resources that allow people to tap into peace, joy, creativity and possibility like never before.
We are helping people out of self-sabotage and imposter syndrome so that they can start new creative hobbies and businesses and become coaches and healers themselves.
If you would have asked me if it were possible to feel the way I feel today 15 years ago in my sister’s basement, I would have said “No way.” One small step leads to another and another and another. It doesn’t come from thinking about it. It comes from “just getting your shoes on.”
The cool thing is the more I moved my body and got out of my head, I was able to help Jamie learn how to feel and sit still. Our individual healing came through watching each other's overdeveloped stress response. 

We found out that to truly thrive, you need to balance the inner (feminine) and outer (masculine) energies within.

Neither of us was broken or wrong...we were just imbalanced, and meant to learn from each other.
Your path is sacred and I respect it to be unique. This is why the best tiny action you can take is to click that button below. Learn more about our program from actual graduates, and request a free discovery call where we cozy up and get to know each other and uncover what is really going on under the surface for you and together we discover how Jamie and I can help you.
Just get your shoes on sis (...stop thinking about it...)
You’ll be so glad you did. I’m certain of it.
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