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Watch this message from our head coaches, Jamie Dooley & Lisa Freitag, to see why YOU want to take this course, and the results you can expect


In our BRAND NEW Level 1 signature course, “How to instantly improve any relationship” we teach you the EXACT formula we created for our own expansion while coaching each other (it’s always easier to see these unconscious programs running through someone else).

We spent two decades learning it, and the past 18 months refining it, so we are ecstatic to finally share it with you!

What types of relationship improvement can you expect to see with this formula?

  • Improved relationship with self
  • Improved relationship with God
  • Improved relationship with spouse
  • Improved relationship with children
  • Improved relationship with coworkers
  • Improved relationship with friends
  • Improved relationship with parents 
  • Improved relationship with siblings
  • Improved relationship with money
  • Improved relationship with time
  • Improved relationship with freedom
  • Improved relationship with giving
  • Improved relationship with receiving
  • Improved relationship with rest
  • Improved relationship with Universal Love

We know what you are thinking..."Can 1 course really do all that?" 

The answer is a big, fat YES! because so many courses out there are built on the fact that you don't have enough of something. That belief keeps you in lack of it! The class, course, coach, or product (in this scenario) is treating the symptom, without addressing the actual problem.

This course is holistic. It goes right to the core wound of all lack, "less than", and disconnection, caused by a closed heart.

NOTHING you invest in will change your outer world if your heart isn't wide open. Nothing.

And the cool thing is, when your heart is wide open, your desire to change your outer world pretty much disappears! You just feel immense gratitude for everyone, everything, and every lesson you learn, which draws more beauty toward you. You are free from the belief that you are not enough, and you don't have enough, and you just start sharing your genius zone with the world, without fear, or believing you aren't ready.

All you want to do is help others find this deep, internal well of love, that has been there forever, and costs nothing to tap into.

Everything improves when you appreciate what you already have (because an open heart is connected to already being, having, and doing enough).

It's not about opening your heart as much as not allowing it to close (subconsciously) as you go about your day to day life.

We all have trauma from the past that keeps us self-protecting on accident. We don't intend to feel triggered, yet if we don't have mastery over our hearts we will fall prey to our childhood stress responses over and over again. If we don't make an effort to consciously take over our auto-pilot responses, we will stay stuck in the same patterns for life, regardless of a new city, job, career, or significant other.

We have been where you are, and we are now living our best life! We want nothing more than to help you live it too.

The "how" isn't difficult when you have a formula to follow. We sure wish we would've had this years ago! It would have kept us from so much pain and confusion. You don't have to live this way any longer. Stop buying THINGS. Invest in your heart. It's the best investment you will ever make. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


The Expansion Group quickly found its way to my inbox and with one call, I sensed Jamie and Lisa were to be the guiding forces for my next advancement. This has proven to be one of the most divine investments I have yet made. I believe we are called to support the greater good and in doing so, our contributions are multiplied to the blessings of many. These sisters are AMAZING and DIVINE! These two brilliant coaches have created a whole new rich experience and brilliant offering. Their love, care, thoughtful progress and customized approach is a testament of there deep study and regard for their work (compounded by the divinity of choosing into helping the masses).  Be warned, the transformation journey is intentional and the changes are rapid. May those of you who chose to invest be as blessed by their divine contribution as I have been. Wishing you a rich and enlightening journey!

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Level 1 Expansion Training

$297.00 USD
Level 1 Expansion Training

3 Monthly Payments of $99

Working with Jamie and Lisa at The Expansion Group gave me actionable strategies to identify and dismantle unconscious blocks and patterns of self sabotage and replace them with new patterns of self-support and growth. I feel more balanced and empowered than ever before!

We want to prevent further suffering

So we dug deep and put the most important, life changing elements we teach our private clients into 

Level 1 Expansion Training

If you feel alone, struggling to put all the pieces together, you found the EXACT formula you need. We guide you step by step through the process of getting heart centered and staying resistance free day to day, so you can do your work in the world.

Get out of your head sister. Your higher (heart-centered) self is calling you through us.

I'm Ready to Take the 1st Step

Jamie and Lisa are like my big sisters that I never had. They gave me permission, space, and guidance to find myself and follow my dreams!