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Hi friend, I am glad you found us! I am an award-winning certified life and business coach, successful author and writer, and spiritual teacher with a passion for helping women like me expand fully into who they are. I have spent the past 4 years coaching people one on one to help them hear the whispers of their hearts and heal their pasts. Once they do, they start businesses, write, speak, heal their money stories, and start healthy new relationships. Nothing brings me more JOY than helping women realize what bad-asses they are!

I believe it is our duty to heal ourselves first, so that we can then help others heal. When we do, we remember what we came for. We realize that which we desire, also desires us. Once the veil is lifted, it's easy to put our wounded child in the back seat and busy her with headphones and cute puppy video. We don't just find our power, we realize we ARE power. We move from being reactive to proactive and that shift changes everything.

Women especially are vulnerable to getting stuck in the past regretting and analyzing, absorbing others emotions, people pleasing, and putting themselves last. We work hard jobs making money for others, and are the family car pool, chef, cleaning lady, and emotional therapist. We work from the time we get up until the moment our heads hit the pillow. We ask for little in return, which is part of the problem.

I graduated dental hygiene school at age 22, and made more money than my parents combined my first year out. I thought I was set for life, but didn't understand how to invest or handle money. My parents divorced the year I got married, which caused me to question my beliefs about marriage. At 31 I was getting divorced a 2nd time. At 33 I filed bankruptcy. At 34, went through foreclosure of my home. I was a single mother of 2 beautiful girls, one of whom had spina bifida and multiple special needs.

I was at rock bottom.

I realized that strong-willed, independent women sometimes need to be pushed to the edge to finally lean on God. I broke. I begged. I surrendered my life, paycheck, and future to that which the Universe created me for. I learned, for the first time, to listen instead of talk during prayer. Most people call that meditation. Ideas and a new peace started to flow from within.

My parents did the best they could to give us a better life then they had, but it was apparent at 34 that I needed to {Boss Up} and figure myself out. I went back to school to get a bachelor degree in healthcare and nonprofit administration (because I knew my body wasn't able to continue clinical hygiene, the income was limited, and I craved a new challenge).

The internet made it easier than ever to find information, people, and services online. I started my first business Written by Friday, LLC. I advertised on Craigslist and made a few thousand extra dollars! I dabbled in design and grant writing. My DBAs grew and before I knew it I was a full-fledged entrepreneur...fully self-taught.

My daughters helped push me to write a new money story. My oldest had special needs and many extra expenses insurance didn't cover. When I took time off for her surgeries I didn't have an income. When I left work in the middle of the day to pick her up from an emergency at school, my paychecks were smaller. It forced me to stretch my belief that God was going to provide, and he always did. Sometimes in the form of her father, a man I was dating, or grant money. I began to learn to allow the Universe to provide. I tuned into the vibration of being a reciever because I had no other choice.

VERY difficult for a giver.

Acts of Service is my love language. I had to learn how to love myself, and give to myself, in the way that came natural to me with others.

I vividly remember crying in the parking lot of my youngest daughter's competitive dance studio. I owed more than I had, and lied and said I forgot my checkbook. Their desires pushed me to make epic, deep changes. I tried for years to spend less. The cure for me was simply to make more.

My dental public health program developement skills led me right into business development. I am a natural, and love helping other women develop and grow their businesses and nonprofits now. 

There isn't much I haven't done. I have experience in the realms of website design, copywriting, online course creation, writing and self-publishing, logo creation, social media management, online marketing, funnel building, project management, certification building, automation, and more.

My own nonprofit is thriving. If you're an RDH with a passion for integrating oral systemic health into the medical world, join us!

If I can learn all this myself for free, from the comfort of my living room, there is nothing you cannot do babe. If you can visualize it, work toward it, and surrender it, you will see it come to pass.

I made a TON of mistakes, which I call lessons, because with each one I learned something and added it to my toolkit. My goal is to help you struggle less, and move toward financial abundance and greater purpose with ease.

I know what it feels like to feel like a failure. I know what it feels like to look around at your life and say "Really? is this it...spend 50 years working my butt off, living paycheck to paycheck, and filling everyone else's cup but mine?" I know what it feels like to be desperate, depressed, exhausted, and at rock bottom. If you found me, chances are you have felt some of this too. It is no accident you are here. The Universe is always guiding us and leading us toward the light.


In 2020 I rebranded my coaching business into this platform; The Expansion Group for Women.

My clients needed levels of support. They would reach resistance and new forms of self-sabotage as they expanded into the next phase of their growth, and I had done enough ego work at the time to know I cannot be all things to all people (no matter how bad my doer self wanted to). So, I asked my sister Lisa to come onbaord as a head coach.

I still coach clients one to one, but we found a certain type of alchemy working together to help women heal faster, grow farther, and live in their purpose more deeply in our 2:1 program Lifting the Veil.

We help you change family patterns so that you can actually choose the kind of parent you want to be instead of defaulting to “your lineage.” We are healing complex physical, emotional and mental patterns that have run deep roots in the body and brain and installing new resources that allow people to tap into peace, joy, creativity and possibility like never before.
We are helping people out of self-sabotage and imposter syndrome so that they can start new creative hobbies and businesses and become coaches and healers themselves.
If you would have asked me if it were possible to feel the way I feel today 11 years ago when I was at ROCK BOTTOM, I would have said “No way.” One small step leads to another and another and another. It doesn’t come from thinking about it. It comes from dropping into your heart, connecting with higher self, and balancing the work and the rest needed for meaningful change.
The cool thing is the more I pursued stillness, rest, meditation and self-care (no, it's NOT selfish), Lisa started trading her hours lost in her head for care taking, running, and 'The Home Edit' type of organization. Our individual healing came through watching each other's overdeveloped stress response.

We found out that to truly thrive, you need to balance the inner (feminine) and outer (masculine) energies within.

Neither of us was broken or wrong...we were just imbalanced, and meant to learn from each other.
We want to help you make meaningful change too, but with more ease and joy than we had. Learn from us! Just take one small micro step. The best tiny action you can take is to click that button below. Learn more about our program from actual graduates, and request a free discovery call where we cozy up and get to know each other and uncover what is really going on under the surface for you, and together we discover how Lisa and I can help you.
Stop doing for a moment sis, and drop into your heart. You don't have to live frazzled and on empty any more. A life of ease, peace, joy, and freedom is waiting.
We don't believe in accidents. We believe you were divinely led here. We'd love to welcome you to our sisterhood.
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