Women's Circle Peer to Peer Healing Sister Coach Community
Women's Circle Peer to Peer Healing Sister Coach Community

Hi, we're The Sister Coaches

We would not be where we are without each other's consistent guidance and support through our own spiritual blind spots. Having a Sister Coach for life helped us suffer less and heal faster so we could get out of our heads and share our gifts with the world. 

So, we built a community for women who want to deepen their spiritual wisdom and live more heart-centered, but need support and guidance to do so. It's unlike anything else out there, offering high-level peer to peer coaching & healing, plus the ability to create a career out of what you learn if desired.



Empathetic | Intuitive | Helper | Fixer | Healer | Lightworker Types Need a HIGHER LEVEL OF SUPPORT

Let's Breakdown What's Included:

Level 1

Master your own head, heart, and field.

Level 1 shares the best concepts and actionable strategies The Sister Coaches have extracted from decades of personal development work, including Jamie's STAMPTM Method of Manifesto Writing, and The Expansion MethodTM.

They created these tools to break through their own triggers and limitations which became the foundation for Expansion CoachingTM. Now they share them with you to help you reprogram frustrating blind spots and loops with ease.


Private Support

Receive immediate access to private coaching with your new Sister Coaches who have already learned the Expansion CoachingTM Modality. Virtual sessions over the phone or Zoom help you to uncover and release old patterns fast and begin to reprogram your heart's self-protection mechanism, and subconscious mind, at levels self-coaching & personal development cannot attain.

Let a trained professional help you see your blind spots, and release the old, outdated narratives. Rewrite a new story, and reprogram your heart in as little as ONE SESSION!

Level 2

Master our multidimensional trademarked modality which fuses divine feminine healing with sacred masculine coaching

In Level 2 The Sister Coaches share the complex principles of neuroscience, heart science, quantum physics, somatics, and the law of resonance that they were able to morph into a simple three-part framework that even new coaches, healers, and lightworkers can have immediate success with.

Practice with each other, guide each other's continued healing, and help your friends and family expand with this RAPID, HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIONAL modality.

What is Expansion Coaching? Manual

Expansion Coaching Manual

Easy to use and follow digital manual full of our Expansion Exercises to give you the confidence to coach your Sisters fast, and increase your healing capacity with family, friends and clients. Everything you need to feel ready to certify is also included. Printable format available.


Sister Coach Community

Connect with other high-vibe women, receive 1:1 private, peer to peer Sister Coaching, practice coaching each other, and help each other get certified in the Expansion Coaching modality if desired. We welcome women from any background and value our diversity and uniqueness as something which connects us. If you struggle to be fully authentic in your primary relationships, we promise you the heart-activating container we've created will nurture you in ways you cannot get from those who are not at your energetic level yet.

Our students say this is their favorite part of our program, and they could not have guessed how needed it was in their lives until they experienced it. It may feel impossibe to find women who are as dedicated to spiritual growth as you in your own city, but we have women living all around the globe connecting with each other!

Reach out to your Sisters for support and guidance as life continues to expand for you, so you never get stuck again! Collaborations are encouraged and we never compete with each other.



Weekly LIVE Virtual Healing & Activation Sessions with Jamie & Lisa

Ask questions, practice coaching each other in breakout rooms, benefit from group coaching, sit in the Heart Seat and receive healing, and be held with love by your Sisterhood.

Even if you don't participate verbally at first, the level of vibratory and energetic love and alignment is palpable. It helps you continuously uncover and shed old, outdated patterns, and refuels your heart and soul for the coming week.


Many of our Sister Coaches say their lives and hearts are so transformed by this practice that they want to make a career or side gig out of it.

If at any time you choose to become a Certified Expansion CoachTM (it's optional), you can utilize these bonuses to help you have an impact while earning an income doing what you love.



For those who want to make a career out of their new skills, we provide everything you need to build a heart-centered, results-driven healing & coaching business



To make sharing your gifts as easy as possible, we are offering a "Done for you" branding, forms, and more package as a bonus the first 12 months after you get certified. 


What are our students saying? 

Expansion Coach Academy Sister Coach Community Review
Expansion Coach Academy Sister Coach Community Review
Expansion Coach Academy Sister Coach Community Review


If you want to become a Certified Expansion CoachTM all payments must be complete prior to submitting. Certification is not required.




Best if you already own a business & want to certify ASAP





Best if you are not in a hurry to certify & want to make payments





Best if you don't plan to certify and want low monthly payments


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